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- The Grids of 2020 - At first look we see a pattern, a weave. As we approach we see that the pattern is composed of buildings, all photographed throughout the world.

Behind each point of life people live in their little boxes, isolated in large numbers; a dystopian world of concrete and steel where communication has ceased to exist and where Zoom grids replace the warmth of human contact.

- Our New Blood Lines - The intricate, gridded structure of integrated networks echoes that of the buildings.

The grid, a system of order designed to bring harmony and logic to a chaotic world, has created a pattern of isolation ad infinitum.

- Our Cyborg Life - Images of brain cells, neural pathways and DNA strands are superimposed upon motherboards.  These interconnected networks call for a discussion between human and artificial systems. Will the cyborgs we have become be wiser than the humanoids we have created?